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  • Haikal Satria

    Haikal Satria

    Writer from Indonesia. Writing for fun.

  • Tommy Surya Pradana

    Tommy Surya Pradana

    In a pursuit to recollect shattered memories I’ve lost during the journey to find myself

  • Varrel Vendira

    Varrel Vendira

    Strolling around coffee, books, words, arts and thought. Reach me through Twitter and listen to my podcast: tinyurl.com/taghuman

  • Mega Aulia Insani

    Mega Aulia Insani

    i write every little things.

  • masova


    a smiles collector

  • Avecienna Djamal

    Avecienna Djamal

    Internet Marketer - Human Resources Development Consultant - Founder of Indosdm & Warta Training - MotoGP fans - Internet & Computer Addict

  • Fall Out Boy

    Fall Out Boy

    American Beauty/American Psycho out now on DCD2/Island Records

  • Libération


    Bienvenue sur le fil twitter officiel du journal Libération.

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